• Server based application. Allow you to acces to the same database from multiple PCs
  • Run within Chrome or Internet Explorer.


  • Customer contract management
    • Customers database
    • Transactions (contract) database
    • Printable contract
    • Choose bottling appointements
    • Easy way to search for a customer or a contract.


  • Wine Making operations
    • Bottling stations appointment management with printable report
    • Printable reports on work to be done daily
    • Reports
    • Transactions created per month
    • Active batches analysis
    • Other reports can be made on request by our development team.
    • Administration/ configuration pages
      • Define your own wine brand, type, product code
      • Create your wine recipes based on the wine type
      • Define your holidays
      • Select your default printer, etc
      • password protected administration area
  • Web based application.
  • MYSQL (database server) for high scalability and reliability

On Site Installation
A PC is needed to host the IIS Web server and the MYSQL database Server.
The same PC can be used to run the software or another PC can run the software.

Remote Installation
We can host your application and database on a server. There will be small montly fees in such a case.


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